Saturday January 24, 2015

City Hall


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Do you have a list of commonly called numbers for Island, County and State resources?

A.   Yes. You can download this list HERE

Q.   Can I get additional Re-Entry tags for my family or employees?

A.   No. Only one tag is issued for each home or business. You can download a re-entry tag applicaton form HERE

Q.   When is my garbage picked up?

A.   Southend through 12th St N Tuesday and Fridays, Northend past 12th St N Wednesday and Saturday, Yard waste is picked up on Mondays, and Recycling is on Thursdays. Complete Schedule

Q.   Can I come to City Hall to change my voter's registration card or get an Absentee ballot?

A.   No, you need to go to the Supervisor of Elections office, downtown Bradenton ph#741-3823 Website Here

Q.   Are pets allowed on the beach?

A.   No, the only 'beach' where pets are allowed is the Palma Sola Causeway on Manatee Ave

Q.   Why did I get a ticket when I parked at City Hall and I went across the street because there was no parking?

A.   Parking at City Hall is for city employees and City Meeting purposes only.

Q.   If I dispute my parking ticket where do I go or who do I call?

A.   The police department handles any problems with tickets, you can either call them or go to the Police Department.

Q.   When are City Commission meetings held?

A.   They are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month, on the 1st Thursday it's at 7PM and on the 3rd Thursday it's at 1PM. Meeting Schedule is available Here

Q.   What do I have to do to have a wedding on the beach?

A.   Just abide the normal beach rules, no glass containers, no throwing of rice, etc.

Q.   When do I need to have my Special Event Application into City Hall?

A.   The packet needs to be turned in 30 days prior to the event. Event Applications

Q.   If we have an event on the Bridge Street Pier are we allowed to do our own catering services?

A.   No, if you want food served after the wedding then you would need to coordinate and buy from the Bridge Street Pier and Cafe.

Q.   How much are copies?

A.   15 cents a page for one sided, 20 cents a page for double sided.

Q.   Can I get a copy of any of the tapes from previous meetings?

A.   Yes, the cost for each tape is $3.00

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