Sunday January 25, 2015

City of Bradenton Beach

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Regina Wreck Underwater Preserve


We have established a state Underwater Archaeological Preserve at the submerged site of Regina, the remains of a tanker barge sunk off Bradenton Beach, and now the tenth shipwreck park in Florida.

The application was submitted in 2001 to the Florida Heritage Commission and was approved in 2003. The site's designation became effective April 30th, 2005 and an official plaque was sunk in place.

Regina was a converted tanker barge that sank in a storm with a cargo of molasses off Bradenton Beach in 1940. As an easily accessible historic shipwreck, Regina met all the criteria to become an excellent addition to Florida's Underwater Archaeological Preserve system.

The Regina Underwater Preserve project was spearheaded by Pete and Lorraine Athas, the owners of the SeaTrek Dive Shop located right across the street from the dive site.

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