Friday December 19, 2014

City of Bradenton Beach

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Thank you for visiting the City of Bradenton Beach website. These pages are designed to help you navigate the site and utilize the features found here.

This site is designed for and best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 X 768. Navigation on the site is achieved through the use of two main menus and links embedded in specific pages. At the top of each you will see a horizontal menu. This is the main menu to various ares of the site and does not change.

The vertical menu on the left side will change dependant on what area you are in order to present you with area specific choices.

Each area displays its own color scheme in the headers and menus, to assist you in your navigation.

This site utilizes a database backend to manage documents and provides comprehensive search tools to retrieve those documents. Each search tool is designed to provide the easiest method to retrieve the required data. The more defined your search terms are, the better the chances of retrieving the desired document.

The database, search tools and site design are all custom created for the city by Richard Gatehouse :: design1studio. and hosted by If you have comments or questions please contact the webmaster.

For a textual representation of the site menu please see the Site Map

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