Wedding Event and Special Events


 Permit is required for an Wedding Event with 20-50 attendees.  Complete this application and submit with fee of $100.00

Wedding Event Application

 This Permit is NOT required for an Wedding Event with 19 or less attendees. 

 This Permit is NOT required for an Wedding Event with 51 or more attendees, but the Event MUST BE HELD at a privately owned venue location or Manatee County Coquina Beach Park at the southern end of the island.

To apply for a Wedding Event of any size at Coquina Beach Park, go to Manatee County Parks and Recreations or email, or call 941-742-5923.


Special Events may require City Commission approval.  Applications must be received 60 days prior to the event. 

Special Event Application

Events utilizing the Coquina Beach Park must first contact Manatee County Parks and Recreations or 941-742-5923.

Filming or Photo shoots within Manatee County areas.  

Visit Bradenton Area Film information page to determine if you need this special permit.